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03 UK-Wide Numbers

0330, 0345, 0370, and 0300, the new ranges from Ofcom

Show your customers and clients that you care about communications by adopting one of the all-new 03 non-geographic numbers from Ofcom. 03 call charges are low, and Ofcom have mandated that they must be included in inclusive minutes packages.

If your customers normally call you from mobile phones, providing an 03 number will dramatically cut their costs in calling you, meaning more calls, and hopefully more sales!

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The new range of non-geographic numbers

Ofcom's new 03 ranges are known as UK Wide Numbers. These have been introduced as an alternative to traditional 08 numbers, such as 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871, to restore public confidence in non-geographic numbers, and enable organisations to have a single national point of contact, without consumers having to pay extra for the call.

Why use a Switchconnect 03 number?

03 numbers only cost the caller the same price they would pay to dial a standard 01 or 02 geographic number, and unlike 08 numbers, they are included, by Ofcom mandate, in both landline and mobile phone inclusive minutes packages. This is especially helpful to mobile users, as the majority of calls in the UK, as reported by Ofcom, are now made from mobile phones. So basically, by using an 03 UK Wide number, you are letting your customers know that you want to connect with them in a way that offers them the most convenience and least cost. The 03 range is still new, but as the public become aware of it, companies and organisations that use it will be seen to be those which care more for their customers, giving a significant marketing advantage.

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Who can use 03 number ranges?

  • 033 Numbers can be used by any organisation or end user
  • 034 Numbers: End users can migrate from their equivalent 084 numbers, e.g. 0845
  • 037 Numbers: End users can migrate from their equivalent 087 numbers, e.g. 0870
  • 030 Numbers are only for Public Sector, Not-for-Profit Bodies, and Registered Charities

Public sector users encouraged to use UK Wide 03 numbers

Following a series of complaints from members of the public that doctors surgeries using 08xx numbers were placing healthcare beyond the reach of vulnerable people who may only have a PAYG mobile phone with no inclusive plan, no landline, and very limited and expensive call options, the Department of Health is reported to be considering an outright ban on the use of 0844 and 0845 numbers in the NHS. Health clinics and doctors surgeries are encouraged to migrate to the reserved 0300 range, to apply for this range the organisation will need to pass Ofcom criteria, which can be found here: Ofcom guidance on eligibility for the 030 number range.

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