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Capital numbers with state of the art services

Are you based in, or trading in, London? We have the numbers for you. Switch has a wide range of 0203 London numbers, all available for instant allocation and ready to start working for you, and all of which come with our full Virtual Office application, giving you total control over your numbers.

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Local Telephone Numbers

Do you want all the advantages of an advanced, automated call handling service, but also want to keep your presence local with your traditional area code and local phone number? Switchconnect have a local number to let you do just that.

State of the art services on a traditional local number

When you purchase a local geographic number from Switchconnect, you get exactly the same features and benefits as any of our other number ranges, including advanced call handling, multiple routing options, voicemail, fax to email, and more. And as we have numbers available for every telephone area in the UK, we can provide a number right in your local area code, with all the reassurance that provides to customers that they are doing business with a local company they can trust.

Local numbers from Switchconnect - How do they work?

When you purchase a local number, you instantly gain access to our "SwitchINS" control portal, where you can specify one or more "destination numbers" for your calls to be delivered to. When customers dial your new number, we instantly re-route the call to the destination you have specified, which can be any number you like. Normally you'll route them to your existing local number, but you can also route to your mobile, for instance if you are going to be out of the office for an afternoon on business but still want to be able to pick up calls to your local business number. You have unrestricted access to SwitchINS day and night, so you can change your routing at any time, and changes take effect instantly. If you need to make a change suddenly and don't have access to the Internet, you can even call us and we will make changes for you, immediately and with no fuss.

Expand your local presence in new areas

Already doing business in one area, but want to build up a presence in another without having to open a physical office? You can use our local numbers to give yourself a virtual presence. For example, a builder based in in Leeds could also set up numbers in the adjacent Wakefield and Bradford area codes, to encourage enquiries from those areas, and thus expand their business beyond their immediate locality.

Fax to Email services too!

You can use a Switchconnect local number for fax-to-email facilities, where people send faxes to your number, our system receives them, converts them into emails, and sends them to you. This saves the cost and hassle of running a physical fax machine, there's no need for toner and endless supplies of paper, and your faxes end up conveniently in your email account where you can easily refer to them.

No additional equipment or phone lines needed

Because our service simply sits "on top" of your existing telephone service, it can be up and running within minutes of you buying a number, and you don't need any extra phone lines or equipment. Buy a number now and you can be taking calls on it, through your existing landline or mobile phone, in minutes!

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