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In the connected world, every business needs three things:

  • A business telephone service.

  • A domain name and hosting services.

  • Broadband connectivity.

Through our sister companies Freedom Names and Switch Internet, Switchconnect can supply all of your communication needs and give you everything you need to do business in today's hyper-connected, always-on world.

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The world of broadband connectivity is ever changing, with new technologies and ways of connecting appearing almost every week, while older technologies are gradually upgraded and replaced. It's not that long ago that a 256k connection was considered blisteringly fast, yet nowadays both businesses and individuals routinely demand connections of 40gbps or faster over state of the art fibre-optic links.

Here at Switch, we understand communications in detail, and have plenty of experience in both telephone and network communication systems. So call us today on 0845 652 2222 and let our expert and experienced staff find you the best possible broadband deal for your specific requirements.

Multiple technologies available, including FTTC, FTTP, ADSL+, and ADSL.

Domain Names

Once you have a business phone number, the other thing any business today really needs is its own distinctive domain name. Can you imagine a world without names like facebook.com or google.co.uk? Your domain name is how your business presents itself to the world, and should be under your total control

Switcconnect's sister company Freedom Names has over a decade's experience of providing top notch domain name services to businesses and individuals. Unlike other Internet companies, Freedom Names does not place artificial restrictions on how many email addresses you can have, and offers a range of website hosting options from simple and reliable plain HTML all the way through to advanced Unix or Windows hosting systems.

Click here to visit Freedom Names and set up your business domain name today!

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