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When you take a number from Switchconnect, we give you, free, one of the most powerful number management tools available, the Switch Virtual Office.

If you need even more power over your number, upgrade to the market-leading Switch Call Manager, simply the state of the art in number and call management.

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When you take a number from Switchconnect, we throw in completely free one of the most powerful number management systems available:

The Switch Virtual Office

All of these features are included....

  • Call Statistics. Monitor your inbound calls using our real time online statistics package. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising.
  • Simple Routing. If nothing more is required, a straightforward one to one mapping to your terminating number.
  • Call Whispers. Upgrade your package with Call Whispers and you will be able to identify all of the calls that come to you through your Switch Number.
  • A Greeting Message. You can add an opening greeting such as "Thank you for calling the XYZ company, please hold while your call is connected"
  • Multiple Routes. You can map your number to three different destinations.
  • Instant Changes. You will have the ability to go on-line and make instant changes to your routing.
  • Fax to Email. This function allows you to set your number to receive both voice calls and faxes. The fax is then forwarded by email or can be viewed online.
  • Voicemail. If a call is not answered, the Virtual Office can take a message and send it to you as an email or can be picked up online.
  • Out of Hours Routing. Using Virtual Office you can set your office hours. Callers who ring in outside of these hours can be routed elsewhere, diverted to voicemail or simply played a message.

The Switch Virtual Office PDF manual can be downloaded by clicking here.

Or if you need the ultimate in state-of-the-art call management, upgrade to:

The Switch Call Manager

This is our most comprehensive call delivery platform. User configurable options a greeting menu, call routing announcements, call whispers, out of hours messaging and routing, voicemail and fax to email.

Upgrade from our free Virtual Office service from as little as £10 per month. Please feel free to call for a quote based on your business requirements.

Call Manager features include:

  • Routing Menu. Route your calls by key selection such as "Press one for Sales, Two for Accounts" etc.
  • Routing Audio. A routing audio confirms to the caller how their call is being directed.
  • 5 Routing targets. Each of your menu options can be routed to 5 different telephone numbers in a sequential order or in call rotation.
  • CLI / DDI Forwarding. If you have caller identification on your telephone, our software allows you to choose which number is shown i.e. the number they are calling from or the number that they are calling. By showing the number they are calling this can help establish which Switch Number the caller has dialed and the call can be answered appropriately.
  • Date Overrides. You can program message to play for Bank Holidays or days where the office is closed.
  • Fax To Email. Fax service that will receive a fax, store it on line and then send it to you as a file attachment.
  • Voicemail To Email. This functionality will receive a voicemail message and forward that message directly to your inbox.

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